a weekend away to celebrate motherhood, sisterhood, birthdays and all the good things in life led me to san francisco this past weekend. even after having been here a couple of times before, it always feels like a city brand new and fresh in its liveliness, culture and continuous new development. while we were met with rather cold rainy weather it did not slow us down one bit! trolleys, buses, ubers, and lots of walking kept us hopping from one charming spot to the next. met with a bit of sunshine and blue skies on our last day, i was feeling rather overwhelmed with blessings to have such a wonderful family and be able to take such a fun trip to the big city.

some of my faves? pizzeria delfino in pacific heights; lively, amazing pizza, beet salad and burrata/arugala salad. follow that with some smitten ice cream and you are good to go. cute shops in the haight area and the charming biergarten there. hot clam chowder in a bread bowl down by the pier. chinatown! dolores park in the mission and the ice cream bar there…yes…more ice cream. tartine bakery….don’t miss it. hoppin union square and all the street performers. fresh flower stands with so many lovlies i was tempted to pack them and bring them home! and lastly the ferry building full of little shops, restaurants and market goods.

and now its back to reality. travel is good for the soul and helps you to appreciate all you are blessed with at home. happy week friends!


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