Greetings! My name is Emily Burch and I am the daughter of the most stylish and creative shop owner, Bev.

I have decided to make photography my business and have become very passionate and serious about taking pictures. I have been capturing moments for the longest time and have learned so much over the years about different angles and lighting and how taking a picture in the sun is impossible! I love it more than anything though. I get the warmest feeling inside just capturing amazing pictures because they can capture some of the happiest or important moments of your life.

I recently started a website for my work: I am so thrilled to be working with my extremely talented mother and her Willowette team! I am based in southern California and Arizona, but dream of being a travel photographer so I am always willing to make the miles!

I will be taking some interior design pictures of The Willow’s design work around Arizona; capturing the unique finds of Bev and Susan. My photography captures a wide range of subjects, from babies and kids to senior/graduation pictures to weddings and food photography (since i love to bake!).

Stay tuned for some new shots and posts of the most stylish boutique, The Willows! Also don’t forget to take a peek at my site. Many thanks!!


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